February 02, 2021 at 11:34 PM

to do list

- rocky road

- chunky monkey

- eggs

- cereal

- talk to birdie

what to say to bird

- what did i do?

- explain how i feel????

- do i even try?

- i miss you

- what did i do????

- try to talk to cordelia?



January 30 at 9:31 AM

Roman, why haven't you been returning my texts? You turned off your read recipts so I can't even tell if you've read them. Come on, why are you being like this. We had fun over New Years. When are you going to come back to the city? I know you aren't going to be able to make it another full year before you come back down here. Stop playing this tough hold out game and just get your ass on a plane. I'm really over waiting already. See you soon.
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satan 🤯
have you talked to your sister?
which one? i have two
there is only one i'd be asking about
no, i'm writing her a letter
about what? your feelings?
yeah i guess? i don't fucking know
are you going to be clear or ramble in roman fashion
bite me
not really what i am to you
yeah no i know, but i don't know
gotta figure it out kid
yes i am aware
have you even asked her why she's mad?
that's the point of the letter
to ask why she is mad and then explain why you are right?
no, to tell her how i feel and ask why she's mad
you could just say 'hey why you mad'
don't you have someone for that
we are not talking about that
so that's a yes
i'm starting therapy
All Photos
what is this?

i looked at you
the doors

seize the day
avenged sevenfold

can you feel my heart
bring me the horizon

what is should never be
led zeppelin

i wanna do bad things with you
jace everett

sleeping with sirens

get down make love

most of us are sad

walking after you
foo fighters

kiss and control

gorgeous • eighteen visions


February 1 at 8:14 AM

Hi this message is for Roman Keefer. I'm calling from Dr. Lennox's office about the appointment you inquired about. We have an opening on Thursday at 11am. Please call us back and let us know if that works for you.
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January 31, 2021 at 12:00 AM

why i would

- you see me

- you put up with my bullshit

- you don't hate my moods

- you push when i need to be pushed

- your nerdy side

- how much you read

- you let me destroy your kitchen

- you're kind

- you're an asshole

- you're sarcastic and sassy

- you are the other side to my coin

- you're gorgeous

- you're sincere

- the way your arms move when you work

- the way you hug me

- the way you fuck me

- the way you keep your promises

- you don't toss me away

- my fucked up head hasn't scared you off

- my dog loves you

- you encourage my nerdy side

- you trust me

- you actually want me be around me

- you talk to me

- you listen when no one else does

- you're there

- you support me

- you encourage me

- what you let me see, but not the world

- how unabashed you are

- what you are shy about

- i can be honest with you

- i can be me with you

- i'm a dumpster fire and you haven't ran